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New Nose Care Rhinitis Therapy Allergy Reliever Low Frequency Laser Nasal Congestion Sinusitis Snoring Treatment Device Massager

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New Nose Care Rhinitis Therapy Allergy Reliever Low-Frequency Laser Nasal Congestion Sinusitis Snoring Treatment Device Massager
Pls, contact us for the special price of drop ship or bulk orders.
Type A:
Dimensions: 106mm x 20mm x 66mm
Power Supply: DC 4.5V, 3pcsxAAA batteries(not included)
1 pulse output channel
1 laser output channel
The laser light value (650 nano)
Pulse waveform (square-wave current)
Pulse radii degrees (strength)
The load output, the peak of the pulse voltage range of convergence 0V – for 42V
RMS maximum pulse output: 42V
Maximum output pulse power: more than 7uC
The pulse frequency of 1H
1. Simple and easy to use
2. Use light therapy for relief of allergy symptoms
3. Use pulse massage to stimulate the nose, ease the nasal problems.
4. Innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis
5. Require AAA batteries x 3pcs (not included)?
6. Include one nose probe, one nose clip which will effect pulse massager to the nose.
7. With one clip-on unit for putting the main device to your belt,
8. Portable and convenient to carry
Stylish and compact design, Convenient and flexible operation
Dual-channel one is for laser treatment to nasal cavity with two probes and another one is for low-frequency stimulation to the nasal outer part
6 intensity setting available
5-10-15min three kinds of time setting
It is a safe and effective way to treat rhinitis, non-medicine, no side effect, and totally green therapy treatment
Innovative and effective treatment for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhin
Non-drug therapy, no need to take medicine, 15 minutes to solve nasal congestion, nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose, snoring, headaches and other issues.
Acupoint impulse and soft light laser, two-pronged and powerful
Package includes:
1 x Allergic Rhinitis Laser Treatment Machine
1 x Laser Probe
1 x Low-frequency Clip


Type B:
1. Painless low-level laser irradiation without any side effects, pharmaceutical or chemical components free, no damage or stimulation caused during the treatment.
2. Effectively improve your body oxygen and nutrition supply for better body resistance to oxidation and removal of oxygen free radical ability.
3. A portable and compact health care instrument enables carrying convenience, suitable for individual and family therapy with instant access and use.
4. Back clip mounting design allows flexible and secure placing and fixing for an operation breeze.
5. Come with protective caps to make the treatment cleaner and healthier, effortless to maintain.
Color: White
Power: 1* 9V Alkaline Battery(Not Included)
Size: 9*6.5*2.5cm
Application: Rhinitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Acute Rhinitis, Chronic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, and Nasal Polyps
Package Included:
1* Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument(Wire Included)

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China, Russian Federation, United States


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92 reviews for New Nose Care Rhinitis Therapy Allergy Reliever Low Frequency Laser Nasal Congestion Sinusitis Snoring Treatment Device Massager

  1. Verified Buyer


  2. Verified Buyer

    very goodShipping is fastI do not know the effect yet.

  3. Verified Buyer

    Thanks! Good product and fast delivery!

  4. Verified Buyer

    Delivery is fast, even brought to the house. It’s bad that there is no translation of the instruction in the Russian language.

  5. Verified Buyer


  6. Verified Buyer


  7. Verified Buyer

    Helps. I’m allergic to dust, after a few days of use i’m much better. The debt of the nose is slowly passing. Many thanks to the seller!!!!!!! I put on 5 min.

  8. Verified Buyer

    Great product, thank you

  9. Verified Buyer

    Low frequency stimulation is strongly if some Africa.Blazers therapy is feeling safe men.Effect for gazing and…

  10. Verified Buyer

    Very fast delivery from russia to moscow 2 days. 3 haaa batteries included no. Inserted-works.

  11. Verified Buyer

    The goods arrived without delay, fully consistent with the description. Thanks to the seller.

  12. Verified Buyer

    Thank you to the seller, for 20 days delivered to the moscow region everything went well. But the device itself was a little disappointed. The laser device is very uncomfortable to hold in the nose, no holders, the plastic is hard, if deep in the nose to stick very unpleasant, if slightly-fell out in 5 minutes of the session three times, keep uncomfortable will be hand, and if the child is not good at all, especially the laser in the eyes can get when it falls out. The pulse also has a dubious holder-a thin rubber band, breaks quickly, and it is inconvenient to put on different heads, although the pulses themselves are good. In general, the fasteners are not thought out by the manufacturer, it is not very convenient to use. Treats or not time will show.

  13. Verified Buyer

    The seller managed to send the goods from the third attempt. There were two returns to the seller. But the seller is good. For the third time it turned out. The goods arrived on time. Packed well. Thank you very much.

  14. Verified Buyer

    Very fast shipping. For the device i can not write anything until i figured out

  15. Verified Buyer

    Arrived in good condition and shipment was fast. will see in a couple of weeks if the item will helping me.

  16. Verified Buyer

    i received all ok

  17. Verified Buyer


  18. Verified Buyer

    Thank you!

  19. Verified Buyer


  20. Verified Buyer

    Perfect, it works!

  21. Verified Buyer


  22. Verified Buyer

    just work as stated in the advertisement

  23. Verified Buyer

    Still not tested the product. THE material is good quality.

  24. Verified Buyer

    Led the nostrils in steady flows. Nostril is smaller, so then seemed. low frequency the flats. Tear ㅠ harder than having.

  25. Verified Buyer

    Everything fine. I’m not sure about the effect after a few uses.

  26. Verified Buyer

    As described, great quality. Very fast, received in 15 days. Excellent time for Brazil. THE device works as the description, already made two sections and laser still not felt great difference, but my rhinitis is very severe chronic. THE seller is congratulations, Great product and excellent delivery. After will say if the treatment really helps.

  27. Verified Buyer

    Good to think off and useCentury-along slightly increase cotton cosplay four key

  28. Verified Buyer

    The product is the same description The duration of the period is more than one month. Packing is good. I have not tried the yet, so it’s too early to talk about the results.

  29. Verified Buyer

    Tested everything works. Delivered the courier to the house. And vryde how helps dry (snot), 3 times a day in the morning at lunch and in the evening, the laser for 15 minutes and the current also for 15 minutes the mode of the current for 2 is very painful but tolerable only not after the bath and then to me on the teeth of the tocolo. Made qualitatively.

  30. Verified Buyer

    Fast shipping and product faithful to the description

  31. Verified Buyer

    Delivery for 4 days to moscow! Thank you

  32. Verified Buyer

    Delivery fast product quality at height.

  33. Verified Buyer

    Delivery is only 2 weeks. I came to the post office and in a branded box. The kit included an abstract in english, as well as two nozzles for exposure to the nose vessels from the outside and from the inside.Please note that the batteries 3 pcs aaa format in the kit do not drive, buy them in advance.The device has a clear interface! Switching buttons from laser to pulse, two inputs, respectively, for these therapies. As well as the ability to select the intensity of the impact of the pulse, and the time ranges: 5,10, 15 minutes.This device is not recommended to use more than 20-30 minutes a day.My dear friends, especially those who suffer from allergic and vasomotor chronic rhinitis, this device is our salvation. Already after the first 10 minutes of use, the vessels are narrowed, the mucous is dried. And if you use this device daily, you can achieve significant success and completely abandon the vascular drops that caused addiction. I have learned from my own experience. I highly recommend!

  34. Verified Buyer

    All correct as advertised.

  35. Verified Buyer

    Not اجربها after

  36. Verified Buyer

    I didn’t receive my package

  37. Verified Buyer


  38. Verified Buyer

    Everything’s fine. Seller recommend. We’ll be treated.

  39. Verified Buyer

    Price contrast. dont ~~

  40. Verified Buyer


  41. Verified Buyer

    Good, it is working normally. Will see now help to solve the problem.THE seller was very attentive, even with the problem that gave in distribution in China. THE problem was easily solved by seller. Am satisfied.

  42. Verified Buyer

    Need to test more but for now it kinda works a little. Anything counts for me.

  43. Verified Buyer

    Yet up Effect Nail.

  44. Verified Buyer


  45. Verified Buyer

    Before ordering, i consulted with the doctor (in our family allergies, and with colds, the laid nose is not pleasant to anyone. This device fights symptoms, not the cause of the laid nose). On the recommendation of the doctor we will periodically use a laser nozzle. Since the laser will gradually stimulate the vessels, over time i hope for the result. The nozzle with electrodes works-the nasal congestion is less! Only i use at the first level, the second is very sensitive. The third power does not even want to try) and the laser nozzle is not noticeable at all, it works gently, without overheating. Included no batteries, need 3 pieces aaa. Works quietly, does not strain. Instruction in english, but how to use-intuitively understandable. Fit for adults and children. This is a direct assistant! About such devices read both the description and the principle of action, in the end decided to order already in a proven store. Sent quickly, packed in a box, everything is fine, thank you!

  46. Verified Buyer

    I get this but ıts broken nose this how can you help me??

  47. Verified Buyer

    excellent item, as described, thanks.

  48. Verified Buyer

    I hope it helps. Always dripping drops. Fucked up.

  49. Verified Buyer


  50. Verified Buyer

    The shocker works cool, the laser as a laser in the nose holds confidently can walk with it, turns off automatically at the end of time, works separately or laser or shocker

  51. Verified Buyer

    The idea of the device is good. The product corresponds to the photo.

  52. Verified Buyer

    Thank you!!

  53. Verified Buyer

    Delivery 23 days. Full, truthful product description.Excellent communication. i recommend everyone. excellent seller!

  54. Verified Buyer


  55. Verified Buyer

    Great product. We expect the results.

  56. Verified Buyer


  57. Verified Buyer

    Received the parcel, very quickly. The goods are well packed, intact and good quality. Sorry instruction in english only. Approached 3 small batteries. Sign off when i test.

  58. Verified Buyer

    All as in the description. Works. Delivery is fast. Shop recommend

  59. Verified Buyer

    The product was without logo, the issue was solved with the seller. Shipping item within month, track tracking

  60. Verified Buyer

    Exact description. It comes very fast excellent seller. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks good.

  61. Verified Buyer

    The product as shown in terms of shape but is not yet effective

  62. Verified Buyer

    Use is still not hadn’t shipping fast four ~~Thank you. ~~

  63. Verified Buyer

    All right. well, i do the time described. i still don’t use it.. I hope it works well.

  64. Verified Buyer

    Everything works! Efficiency rate later

  65. Verified Buyer

    Wenge… expectations many elements ~ ^ ^

  66. Verified Buyer

    Came quickly weeks for 3. there are no batteries included. Works. Started to try when the nose was laid. Helps. Quickly broke the lining on the bridge of the nose.

  67. Verified Buyer

    The device is good. Everything works. Cumulative effect-you need 5-6 sessions to be the result.

  68. Verified Buyer

    Good quality, i will test it next days.

  69. Verified Buyer

    Packed qualitatively. The product corresponds to the description.

  70. Verified Buyer

    Everything corresponds to the description, everything works! On efficiency i will write an additional review

  71. Verified Buyer

    Quality is super. I can not say about efficiency. I will add then a review.

  72. Verified Buyer

    Excelent seller and product. Thanks.

  73. Verified Buyer

    Shipping fast and good day.Korean manual commendeth if more! Was the 껄 yo ~ some! Baby easy.

  74. Verified Buyer

  75. Verified Buyer

    Domestic derived from the product than the price is much cheaper. four key

  76. Verified Buyer

    According to the description. The record is in English.

  77. Verified Buyer

    Not yet a father-in-law, a thing like common

  78. Verified Buyer

    Great Seller Merchandise as Agreed

  79. Verified Buyer

    Today i received my device, packed well, everything is safe, and the device and the box. The batteries will buy tomorrow and conduct the first tests. I will add a review.

  80. Verified Buyer

    Great product. Seems OK. Now need to use it for 1 full month to know its real efficacity.

  81. Verified Buyer

    Seems to work. We’ll check the effect later.

  82. Verified Buyer

    Product received satisfactorily. Very fast delivery. The heat it generates does well to breathing

  83. Verified Buyer

    The laser works and seems to help, but the nozzle with electricity punches into the teeth, so i think it is superfluous, and as if not to part with the teeth…

  84. Verified Buyer


  85. Verified Buyer

  86. Verified Buyer

    all fine.good delivery, fine packing.

  87. Verified Buyer

    Everything is perfect. Very fast shipping

  88. Verified Buyer

    Product well-received.Rhinitis abyss was used well treat.

  89. Verified Buyer

    Well-received.Well this can be together.

  90. Verified Buyer

    I highly recommend! The goods came quickly, in good packaging. There were questions with the translation of the instructions, the seller gave a detailed translation during the day. The device is very easy to operate. I use 2 days, i will inform you about the results additionally.

  91. Verified Buyer

  92. Verified Buyer

    As in the description. In the work did not check, just received.

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