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The Pros And Cons Of Having Raw Milk Cheese

The Pros And Cons Of Having Raw Milk Cheese
The Pros and Cons Of Having Raw Milk Cheese

These days, buying artisanal foods such as unpasteurized raw milk cheeses are very popular. Some claim that it’s way healthier than other cheeses you can find.

You might probably think that there’s a lot you need to know regarding eating the raw type of milk cheese. Well, this is true. You have to weigh the pros and cons and see if it’s something you and your body can tolerate. If you would like to know more about raw milk cheeses and its bad and good side, here’s what you need to know.

The Pros and Cons Of Having Raw Milk Cheese

The Pros

  1. One of the best benefits of eating cheese made of raw milk are many, and one of those is the diversity of the microorganisms that are present in these cheeses. Though there are still some questions about the complexity of the human microbiome, such microbes found in raw milk cheese could help in fighting off diseases and infections.
  2. Quality raw milk cheese producers pay attention to the quality of milk that they get. This includes even the living conditions of the animals, the nutrition of the dairy cows, so as the animal husbandry.
  3. Raw milk contains similar nutrients that are also found in pasteurized cheese. It includes protein and calcium, which is also tasty, just like the pasteurized parts.
  4. Buying from small artisan producers of raw milk cheese is a good way to support local agriculture, as well as rural economic sustainability.

The Cons

The Pros and Cons Of Having Raw Milk Cheese
  1. Typically, cheese is pasteurized or heat-treated in order to destroy any pathogenic microorganisms, without compromising the quality of the product. This is a process to make sure that the cheese doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria.
  2. Raw milk cheese is not advised for those who have a weak immune system, kids, pregnant and lactating women, elderlies and those who are suffering from chronic diseases as well.
  3. Most of the cheeses made with raw milk are being sold at local farmer’s markets where they sit outdoors. Somehow, this is poor handling and temperature control practice that can lead to the growth of bacteria, causing you to become sick.

If you’re still up to trying cheese made of raw milk, feel free to do it. Just make sure that you know where you are buying it and how the producers raise and treat their milking cows, as it is very important. You want to make sure that your health is not compromised when eating raw milk cheese.