Winter skincare: Prep your skin for the approaching dry season.

Winter skincare: Prep your skin for the approaching dry season.

As the winter approaches, the skin starts to lose its moisture and get dry. There’s a need to prepare the skin so it stays healthy, supple and glowing and can withstand cold weather.

Effects of winter on the skin are easier to tell. The signs are noticeable and always the same—chapped lips, dry, irritated and stretchy skin and cracked heels. However, you can overcome these signs even before the winter starts. Experts say that if you prep your skin right way and at the right time—a couple of weeks before taking your cardigans out—you can actually prevent dry and chapped skin. Winter skincare, not a strenuous task, you just have to be on it as soon as you feel that little nip in the air. Here we tell you easy steps to start with.

Identify Signs And Causes Of Dryness

To treat it, you need to know it first. Dryness doesn’t directly start with rough, scaly skin with skin coming off. In fact, you can totally prevent that condition if you are careful. Dry skin starts with the feeling of a little roughness and tightness in the skin. Your make-up suddenly starts to appear flaky. Any existing skin condition may aggravate during the onset of winter. Fine lines get more prominent and patches of redness start to appear too.

There are many reasons for it and not just the dip in the temperature. Indoor heating could also be blamed. These take moisture from wherever possible, even skin. This causes dryness and redness of the skin. In fact, woolen and hot bath to irritate the skin. Watch out for these signs and be careful.

Winter skincare: Prep your skin for the approaching dry season.

Get To The Winter Special Skincare Routine

Summer and winter skincare routines are different. Summer products can be light on the skin, lesser hydrating and maybe gel-based. The formulation matters the most. When winter approaches, start using heavier and hydrating moisturizer for daily use.try to use oil- or cream-based products to avoid drying out your skin. Wash you’re faceless frequently. Choose a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip off your skin’s natural oil. Face oils can be your skin best friend during this season.

Include Winter-Special Ingredients In Your Skincare

There are few ingredients that complement this dry season very well. While buying your products, look for potent hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. It helps the skin to retain its natural moisture, making it plump and boosts the natural moisture of the skin. It’s now widely used in almost all moisturizers and creams. Other ingredients that can be helpful are aloe vera, honey, glycerine, omega fatty acids. These are heavy, hydrating and build skin’s surface layer to give a healthier-looking skin and natural radiance. Sunflower seed oil and sesame oil can also be used as these two have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Never Forget Your Sunscreen

Now that it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen. The sun will still be out with its rays impacting your skin like in summers. You might require a lesser SPF sunscreen but you do need one. If you live in. High-altitude area, it’s a must. The winter sun in these areas is comparatively harsh and may cause serious skin damage.